with the touch of skin or vision we graze the edges of the world.
we start with the twist of a helix cascading information outwards creating a genetic pattern out of chaos.
then, before we are aware, we’re thrust into the light and our infantile fingers grasp the world in all its shapes and sizes, eyes eager to etch codes of reference onto the surface of life.
in the end, the world spins on, twirling a dress decorated by nature and humanity to the harmony of art and chaos.
-tdv. jan. 2016

triangle footprint
textile & surface design co.

life is an evolution of patterns that we carve into clay, stone, walls, paper and cloth.  at the heart of our practice there is a desire to create an aesthetic that embodies a considered approach to surface and textile design.  apparent and suggested patterns are combined with digital and autographic textures and processes.  we share a belief that each design should inspire your daily life with originality in the finer details.  our design making leads the way to a collection of unique patterns to suit a variety of applications.  oh, and we’re rather fond of triangle-shaped building footprints.